Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This is just the beginning of the beginning...

[update: email any questions, contributions and suggestions to cutsandkettles at

However, please post as a comment on this post if it is something that many people might ask, like the query about copyright posted earlier today...]

Well, what a first term we've had! Students across the world have protested, demonstrated, occupied and, to our horror, been brutalised by the mighty arm of the State/s.

Our mission is now to curate and edit the most fabulous compilation of student and youth struggles from around the world. We will publish the book through Verso Books, with assistance from Tariq Ali, in February 2011.

With sections including:

Struggles in France, Spain, Greece, Italy, America and Britain...

We are now seeking your input to what looks to be a very inspiring collection. This book is about you, about our actions, about what we have all done collectively so it is only right that we compile it collectively.

Please send us your best photos, videos, stories and suggestions. We will choose the most appropriate material and contact you with any queries before sending to print.

We will set up different blog posts for each section of the book and a flickr group to collate photos.

Any suggestions on how to make this a painless process are welcome!

All proceeds from the book will go to a worthy Student cause (to be democratically decided)

We look forward to working with you,

Clare Solomon ULU President and Laurie Penny, contributor to the New Statesman (amongst other things)

In solidarity...


  1. What a great idea! I've taken part in the London Metropolitan Uni occupation, I'll discuss with the group and if everyone is fine with it,we ll submit our material! do you have a e-mail account where the material can be sent?

  2. Hiya! I've got a poem about the occupation in Cambridge - where should I send it?


  3. I'd love to take part. Maybe a bit of history - writing about now in the context of the Great Unrest exactly 100 years ago.

  4. lets achieve something concrete before writing the history books please!!

  5. Hey,

    Great idea for a project guys. I have a number of initial suggestions, so is there any way I can get in touch via email?

    I can also do some artwork if you need it.

    Max Joseph

  6. yes please post contact info!!

  7. What rights will people have over their materials once sent to you and published? You should clarify before people just start handing things over.

  8. Hi both,

    Here's some suggestions for the way forward for the student movement that you may like to consider:

    Clare and I also discussed the idea of a storify curation of social media. A bit like this one from UK uncut:

    Or my one from Millbank:

    Here is a handy list of occupations btw:


    Guy x

  9. Would be up for contributing a version of my reflections on occupation:

    Good luck with the project. Excellent idea.


  10. The biggest youth movement here in France (which won, what's more!) was in 2006, against the First employment contract. Here is one of a number of article I wrote at the time.

    If you're interested, you can contact me at